aaVOTE is the easiest apps for vote & poll on Facebook page.
Enhance your Facebook page content and greatly assist for increase fans and get more engagements.

Create Free Votes and Polls on Your Facebook Page.



Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

  • Settings to use for aaVOTE are easy and you get powerful content for your Facebook.
    In just and only 3 steps.
Increase Fan Engagement

Increase Fan Engagement

  • aaVOTE will greatly assist for increase fans and get more engagements to your Facebook page.
Share to Friends

Share to Friends

  • aaVOTE is accessible from mobile and PC, so easy to spread by share to friends.

Variety of utilization by the many features

Display or non-display of real-time results, vote while watching the choice of photos and illustrations, we have you use such as to also photo contests and sweepstakes entries by various functions.

・Display / non-display real-time results
・The choices can create up to 100
・The choices will be able to upload photos and illustrations
・One person one vote of limit
・Enhanced security (SSL)
・Export reports and user profile as CSV


You can check the following actual aaVOTE poll in Facebook page from "sample" button.
sample image

vote sample


Free for personal and commercial use

We doesn’t have a cost if you use only normal functionality.
※If your vote will be the traffic increases momentarily (airing of such Ustream and TV), please contact us in advance.
Because there are influence the vote of the Facebook page of the other.

aaVOTE free use

Charged Option

Ad Block option
When you will sign up to the Ad Block option,
hide the page top and bottom of google ads that are displayed on smartphones.

Please use this option if you do not want to see ads in such commercial use.
$49/ Monthly

Option expense

$ 49 / Monthy
*It becomes automatic update of one month unit.
*Ads only during the available period will be hidden.


Please perform the purchase by PayPal than "Subscribe" button of the ad hidden option on the Administrator Page's left side menu.
*After the purchase, it will take up to two business days to options available start.

Options use setting

We will inform you by e-mail at the time of option available start.
*setting is not particularly necessary.

How to stop

At the end, please cancel the subscription from "unsubscribe" button on the Administrator Page's left side menu at PayPal.
*For more information about the cancellation of the subscription
*1 month for automatic continuation of the month, the next month it past the one month will be charged.
*Please note that per diem is not done.
*If you want to use in more than one Facebook page requires a contract for each page.
*We don't creating voting (editing and management).


Flow of create vote and poll


Install aaVOTE to your Facebook page.

Click "Create FREE Votes & Polls" button, Select the Facebook page you want to install from the pull-down menu. Click the "Add the page tab" button.
*If you need the option, you have to subscribe option after installed.


Create a new question.

Access the Page Tab of aaVOTE that are installed on the Facebook page.
If you are an administrator of the Facebook page, link called "management screen" at the bottom of the screen will be displayed. Click on the "management screen", and you can perform a variety of settings in "management screen".


Let posting on Facebook page

When you finish created question, copy the "share URL" which is displayed on the management screen, let post to your Facebook page's wall.
*Attention: If you post you copy the URL of the app, smartphone user can not vote.

For more information about the method of introduction here